Tranquil Massage


Swedish Massage- uses long, flowing strokes, kneading and friction on  muscles. When used during a full body massage, it promotes relaxation, relieves muscle tension and improves circulation and range of motion.
                                                                   ½ hour $40.00 / 1 hour $70.00
/ 90 minutes $100.00

Pregnancy Massage - Pregnancy is a time of many changes, physical, social and emotional. Massage is a wonderful way to relax, increase your energy and relieve discomfort.
Some of the benefits of massage during pregnancy: 
                reduces stress on weight-bearing joints
                * increases flexibility
                * eases constipation, gas and heartburn
                * reduces excess fluid retention
                * relieves common discomforts
For your comfort a support system of ultimate comfort will be used during your session. It's called the BodyCushion. The bodyCushion will alleviate pressure on the neck, breasts, and lower back. You will be able to lie safely and comfortably on your belly throughout your pregnancy, even in your last trimester. Just being able to lie face down will be such a relief you won't want to get up! 
Now using
 Mama Mio®  lotions & oils  during your treatment. All oils and lotions are Paraben, Petrolatum and Colourant Free.
                                                                             1 hour $70.00

Oncology Massage- uses techniques selected specifically to maximize the benefits of massage based on
the type of cancer, type of treatment received, surgical procedures and associated side effects such as pain, nausea and fatigue. A typical session includes taking a detailed history of the client's condition, treatments, surgeries, side effects, contraindications, and current state of the cancer, to determine the best course of therapy. Typically this form of therapy is light to medium in pressure, slow moving techniques, with no jostling or rocking, to help alleviate symptoms such as pain, fatigue and nausea and to prevent inflammation, edema and lymphodema that may be worsened by typical deep massage techniques.
                                                                                                               1 hour $40.00
Therapeutic Reflexology- restores balance, activates self-healing, improves circulation, and promotes relaxation thereby reducing stress.
                                                                                                      1 hour $60.00

Adirondack Salt Cave-Experience the healing power of Himalayan Salt Crystals. Stress relief and relaxation like never before. Inhale essential minerals to improve your well-being.
 In a spiritual setting, take a load off your feet for a peaceful uninterrupted hour. This space can accommodate 1 to 8 people.
                                                                                       $40 per person for a 45 minute session

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